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good god just kill me now

2009-08-28 21:12:11 by jhonenfan

last week i was taking a walk too my friends house and was carrying my sack of art crap however apparently there was a rusty fishing hook in it the hook went into my muscle right under my nipple and came out my nipple that part didnt hurt as much as you would have thought however the tetanus shot was terrible then on my way out of the hospital i got a call saying my uncle was sick and dying so i go from fresno too palm springs too visit and it turns out he was fucking joking and all i could think about this is what kind of lame ass joke is that then on my way back home we get a damn flat tire and need too push the car for 2 or 3 hours in desert heat then today i broke my foot because my brothers dog is an idiot and walks under feet

good god just kill me now


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2009-08-28 21:22:16

If it's any consolation, my life is TOTALLY AWESUM


2009-08-29 07:03:44

sad day. good art though.